Optimize the slalom section for more efficient production

In the beginning of the dryer section, the first single felted groups are very sensitive. The web is still very wet and it stretches and breaks easily. 

Moving surfaces like cylinders, rolls and drying fabrics cause air flows and pressure differences, especially in the nips. The air flows and pressure differences reduce dryer section runnability causing sheet fluttering, breaks, complicated tail threading and paper quality problems such as edge flipping or wrinkles.

Runnability control with increased draw, results in reduced sheet strength and quality and easily causes breaks in the dryer section, finishing and later in printing presses. Increased draw difference means also additional raw material costs, as more chemical pulp is required to improve the sheet strenght. 


Our solutions for your single felted section:

  • EV EasyOne  - high release vacuum concept
  • EV EasyGo - slalom concept
  • EVsf2- and EVsf Web Stabilizers
  • EVst Ventilator