Reduce energy costs with improved heat recovery solutions

Heat energy savings? Increased speed? Extra profit? Receive these easily with high quality heat recovery systems. EV Heat Recovery™ cuts down energy costs radically because the system reuses heat to replace primary energy sources.

Existing paper machine dryer section exhausts are normally connected to a heat recovery system. These systems may be of different configuration, based on mill location, original process connections and even year of installation.

Installations being used for many years and even decades may today also be in poor mechanical conditions, with decreased heat output and even leakages as a result.

Traditional heat recovery solutions built-up around the process exhausts from the dryer section normally include at least air-to-air heat exchangers for the supply air to the dryer section and either an air-to-air solution also for the machine hall ventilation system, alternatively a more modern air-to-water solution for the latter part.

  Typical heat recovery system includes:

  • Supply air preheating
  • Fresh and white water heating
  • Machine hall heating: direct or glycol
  • Hood exhaust humidity control

The EV Heat Recovery solutions are always tailor-made and thus suitable for all these kind of installations, both for completely new additional heat recovery installations as for needed one-to-one maintenance replacement rebuilds.


  • Improved overall heat recovery output and energy efficiency
  • Solutions suitable for both new installations as replacements
  • Optimized and continuously monitored running conditions

How much could your production line save?

Energy costs (energy price 25 €/MWh):

Without heat recovery: total heat energy costs/year 11,9 MEUR

With air-air and air-water heat recovery: total heat energy costs/year 7,62 MEUR

→ Savings with modern heat recovery = 36 %