Make trim handling easy and safe

EV Trim Booster™, technology for trim handling ensures good and safe runnability in the forming section.

Non contacting  EV Trim Booster is installed very close to the forming fabric to prevent the edge trims following the pick-up felt. 

EV Trim Booster is positioned below the wire at the front and backside edge of the machine. The system creates high vacuum below the forming fabric and keeps the trims in contact with the fabric. The high vacuum is created by a compressed air nozzle that is blowing in the forming fabric running direction.

Main brackets are installed from machine frames or couch save all. The brackets and a sliding table allow a very precise setting of the EV Trim Booster in the CD machine direction.



  • Excellent and safe runnability
  • Reduces number of breaks during the whole lifetime of the pick-up felt and between felt cleaning shut downs
  • Reduces felt damage as the device is not in contact with the forming fabric
  • Possibility to decrease vacuum of the pick-up roll
  • Improves wet end cross cutting
  • Solves common problems with the pick-up edges
  • Easy to install, adjust and use
  • Fast delivery time
  • Fast payback time