Professional survey is a tool
to successful paper making

An EVG survey is an initial step for production optimization and analysis. We perform extensive measurements that enable the identification of production bottlenecks and runnability problems in the paper machine.

Complete dryer section survey

A tool to decrease energy consumption and improve drying capacity and runnability

  • Pocket humidity and temperature measurements
  • Cylinder surface temperature measurements
  • Sheet temperature measurements
  • Calculation of drying parameters
  • Hood air systems
  • Mechanical checking
  • Heat recovery efficiency measurements
  • Additional measurements if required

Machine hall ventilation survey

A tool for better working conditions and reduced energy consumption

  • Exhaust and supply air measurements
  • Temperature and humidity measurements
  • Airflow direction and air velocity measurements
  • Machine hall air balance

Sheet moisture profile survey

A tool to find out where the existing moisture profile problems are generated

Usual measurements in the machine direction:

  • Against the pick-up felt
  • After the press section
  • End of the slalom section
  • Before / After the sizer
  • Before / After the coater
  • At the reel

Forming section survey

A tool to analyze problems at the forming section

  • Exhaust air measurements
  • Cleanliness of the wet end and reasons for any dirt built-ups
  • Optimization of high pressure and low pressure showers
  • Edge trimming survey

Full report of the survey

As we have completed the measurements and analyzed the process, we will prepare an on-site pre-report with primary measurements results and suggestion notes. After the measurements and the pre-report, we provide a customer with a complete written report summarizing necessary actions for production optimization.

A professional survey takes only a few days and you receive the primary conclusions right after the survey.

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