Maintenance and troubleshooting service for more efficient production

We do also general, not bound to EVG deliveries, maintenance and troubleshooting services in paper machines together with the mill production or/and maintenance personnel. 

You may need help with among others:

  • Cleaning of the nozzles of the runnability systems
  • Cleaning of the vacuum roll holes
  • Maintenance of the ventilation systems
  • Checking of installation tolerances and service of the runnability and tail threading systems

We are highly experienced to notice and analyze
different kinds of production factors; causes and

Our service will give you valuable information to improve paper
making process. We will provide you a complete report after
our service.


Contact us

Mika Hovilainen
Surveys & Services Specialist
tel. +358 5230 8115, m. +358 50 413 4848