Optimize your paper making process

Can you identify runnability problems and what is causing them?
Do you know how to optimize the sheet run?

What causes energy waste at your drying process?
How to decrease energy consumption?

Do you have sufficient and well-operating ventilation in the
machine hall and hood?
How could you optimize it to have better working conditions
and less energy costs?

Do you have moisture profile problems?
Do you know moisture profile after press section?

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Surveys for paper machine audits

We are able to answer these questions above and to give recommendations how to optimize your paper making process and decrease energy consumption.

Support service takes care on your EVG technology

We help you with the existing EVG technology; we check that your technology is working as planned and make suggestions for further improvements.

Maintenance and troubleshooting service

You can ask us for a visit with your production or maintenance personnel to study different factors that may limit efficient paper production.