An extensive machine rebuild being the target

Extensive dryer section rebuilds with increased or improved productivity as the target often ask for more than just an investment in web stabilizing equipment. Such rebuilds with an enlarged scope of supply have become familiar to us during the years.

A close co-operation with different proven component and process solution suppliers have contributed to our knowledge and expertise on how to handle also this kind of projects, taking the lead by putting such a rebuild package together with our proven supplier counterparts.

Paper machine rebuilds can case by case thus, in addition to our own EVG air systems part, also include equipment, solutions and modifications such as:

  • Dryer section upgrades including group gap modifications and felt roll relocations
  • New dryer felt stretchers and guide roll as needed for the new geometry and speed targets
  • High efficiency dryer felt cleaning equipment
  • Tail threading equiment needed for ropeless tail threading throughout the dryer section
  • Conversion of existing dryer cylinders to vacuum rolls
  • Grinding and coating of existing cylinders and rolls
  • Upgrade of existing or new drives
  • Field operations including cost efficient installation and start-up of the equipment


A machine rebuild package delivery, compared to a situation with several smaller deliveries, gives the customer many benefits, both during the purchasing and following project execution phase. The project can be executed with one main interface connection between the customer and the main supplier, being the supplier primarily responsible also for all its´ co-suppliers taking part in the machine rebuild.​


Common benefits, from a customer point of view are:

  • One counterpart when it comes to overall project handling and co-ordination needs
  • Minimized own project organization
  • Overall cost efficient project execution
  • Performance guarantees for one package delivery without any borders between several different suppliers