Optimize the sheet transfer from press to dryer

EV Press section concept includes an EVp Web Stabilizer for the press section, tail threading technology and geometry modifications. The main target is a reduced open draw and excellent runnability between the press and dryer section.

An EVp Web Stabilizer is installed between the press and dryer section to keep the sheet in contact with the drying fabric. Vacuum between the EVp Web Stabilizer and the drying fabric is created by blowing air from the stabilizer nozzles without creating any mechanical contact between the stabilizers and the drying fabric. Safe and reliable tail threading from press to dryer section is done with an EV Tail Transfer Shooter.



  • Excellent runnability and safe tail threading
  • Enables draw reduction between the press and dryer section
  • Reduced number of breaks and defects
  • Additional speed
  • More tolerance to process fluctuations
  • Maintenance-free construction, no wearing parts
  • Internal cleaning shower
  • No fabric contact or mechanical sealing