Gain remarkable savings and outstanding efficiency

An EV EasyOne™ optimizes the web release with a special high vacuum area at the critical sheet release between the upper cylinder and the vacuum roll. 

Excellent runnability of the first single felted groups

Especially in high-speed paper machines, the first single felted dryer groups are very sensitive to run. The web is still very wet and breaks easily. Without high vacuum support, the wet web tends to follow the upper cylinder, resulting in breaks and paper defects. The EV EasyOne prevents the web from following the upper cylinder meaning reduced number of breaks and defects.

Draw reduction enabled between the press and dryer section

Traditionally, high draw difference between the press and dryer section has been a tool to control runnability but this often causes problems with the paper quality. The EV EasyOne improves web release effectively in the high release vacuum area. This optimizes both dryer section runnability and draws improving both paper quality and reducing the web breaks.


The EV EasyOne concept with a vacuum roll conversion

Drilling of the cylinders on site without the cylinder being removed enables minimal downtime. Drilling of the cylinders is easier and less expensive than exhausting air from the cylinder heads: no grooving and change of cylinder heads and bearings also mean minimized downtime. Drilled holes of the vacuum rolls are big enough to prevent clogging. With a vacuum roll conversion and EV EasyOne installed on top of the drilled roll the sheet will be fully supported, connecting the exhaust air system to the web stabilizer and not the vacuum roll. This also enables a ropeless tail threading in the single felted area.

EV EasyOne concept goes eco!

EV EasyOne concept has a new updated version, EV EasyOne eco. Energy efficient eco concept includes web stabilizer with reduced need of supply air for the sealing blowing nozzles. Supply air amounts compared to traditional stabilizer technology can thus be remarkably reduced, bringing energy saving potential into process without any negative impact on the overall functionality.

Main benefits with the new, updated eco concept:

  • Up to 70 % less supply air needed, depending on eco concept
  • Reduced running costs due to electrical energy consumption (depending on scope and size of the machine, running time and energy costs up to the level of 100 k euros/annum)
  • Positive impact in equipment investment costs and installation flexibility


  • Excellent runnability and tail threading
  • Remarkable savings in raw material costs due to decreased usage of long fibers
  • Enables draw reduction between the press and dryer section
  • Reduced number of breaks and defects
  • Increased speed potential 
  • More tolerance to process fluctuations
  • No wearing parts, no consumables
  • No fabric contact or mechanical sealing → easy to clean, no fabric damage