Improve the runnability and drying capacity of double felted sections

The first double felted section typically restricts speed up of the machine. EVdf Web Stabilizers together with offset felt roll configuration give excellent runnability and pocket ventilation effect.

Reduced unsupported draw by 25-50 % between the top and bottom dryers enables trouble free runnability and supported ropeless tail threading. The EVdf Web Stabilizers give better drying capacity due to reduced pocket humidity levels and wider sheet wrap against the drying cylinders.

The EVdf Web Stabilizer has a three nozzle construction which together with the offset roll configuration gives good runnability and pocket ventilation. The pocket ventilation nozzle is controlled with an internal damper.

EV Double felted section concept = EVdf Web Stabilizers and offset felt roll modification:


  • Excellent runnability and safe tail threading
  • Reduced number of breaks and defects
  • Increased speed potential 
  • Maintenance-free construction, no wearing parts
  • No fabric contact or mechanical sealing
  • More tons and better moisture profiles due to excellent PV effect