Improve PM energy and process efficiency

We offer excellent runnability concepts for optimizing the paper machine forming, press, dryer sections and the tail threading for these sections. We oversee the paper machine operations and processes as a whole supported by our long experience and involvement in a large number of projects. This expertise enables us to offer you a wide range of services and technology solutions improving the operation of your paper machine.

Paper machine rebuilds including such runnability concepts will bring you benefits such as:
  • Decreased investment and raw material costs

  • Improved quality, runnability, tail threading, process and
    energy efficiency



EV EasyOne - high release vacuum concept

The concept optimizes web runnability with special high release vacuum area.

EV EasyGo - slalom concept

The concept includes web stabilizer and on site conversion to vacuum rolls or web stabilizer with existing vacuum rolls.

Press section concept

The concept optimizes sheet transfer from press to dryer section. 

Double felted section concept

The concept improves runnability, pocket ventilation and tail threading at double felted section.

Machine rebuilds

Comprehensive paper machine modifications including EVG services and technology.