Boost your PM efficiency with process water heat recovery

A heat recovery installation for process water flows enables several process parameter improvements to the paper making process, in addition to a more efficient heat recovery.

Traditional heat recovery towers for dryer section supply air and building ventilation heating can be further equipped with air-to-water heat exchangers for the heating of different process water flows.

Heat exchangers for heating both incoming clean fresh process water and circulating wire pit water to process temperature levels requested can be adapted to existing heat recovery lay-outs, taking into account requested re-dimensioning of the existing exhaust air systems and exhaust air fan capacities.

Process and fresh water heating system includes:

  • air-water heat exchangers
  • steam-water heat exchangers
  • hood exhaust humidity control


  • Higher process temperature without the need of increased primary energy input
  • Optimized drying process efficiency
  • Improved cleanliness of the machine clothing by using heated process water
  • Stable wire pit water temperature