Optimize your production line environmental friendly

The dryer section of a paper machine may offer a lot of improvement opportunities regarding the overall productivity, measured both by different production as well as financial and environmental aspects.

A dryer section covered by a high dew point closed hood will give the paper maker an excellent opportunity to, supported by an efficient dryer section pocket ventilation and a tailor-made multi-stage heat recovery system, optimize the overall energy consumption and additionally influence positively on the working environment of the production line.

An optimized heat recovery solution will additionally reduce the amount of emissions being distributed to the mill surroundings.

A paper machine drying section typically requires 1.2 - 1.8 tons of steam for the production of one ton of paper. Since this specific energy consumption in the dryer section represents over 50 % of the total energy input of the production line, also the biggest energy saving pootential will be found in the heat and energy balance of the dryer section.

A closed hood dimensioned for a high dew point will enable efficient heat recovery solutions where reasonable air flows with high energy content will be used as the heat transfer media and the condensation heat transfer will be efficiently recovered to different absorbing medias, in tailor-made multi-stage heat recovery systems.

With modern, efficient and multi-stage heat recovery solutions a major part of the energy needed for the drying process can be recovered. Depending on the mill location and the heat recovery solutions installed even up to and over 60 % of the outgoing energy in the exhaust air can be recovered.

Such an efficient heat recovery solution typically includes heat recovery installations not only for the supply air to the dryer section but also heat recovery steps for several different water systems, such as circulation of heating water for the building, incoming fresh process water and even heating of wire pit water. 

The overall dryer section energy efficiency will be further supported by efficient dryer section supply air systems distributing the hot, dry air to the most critical parts of the dryer section by the installation of EVpv pocket ventilators in the double felted dryer groups.

 A good working environment in the machine hall will be achieved with a machine hall ventilation system, normally connected to the aforementioned heat recovery systems. 

Rebuild projects of existing paper machine may request an evaluation for a rebuild or even a complete rebuild of all aforementioned products or only some specific part of them. Any such proposal will be supported by attractive pay-back calculations, based on information received either directly from the customer and/or through by EVG technicians performed on-site process measurements.


Energy & Environment optimization projects will bring you benefits such as:
  • Extensive savings in heat energy

  • Overall paper machine energy consumption cut by up to 35 %

  • Flexible rebuild concepts for existing paper machines